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Logo Design

Looking for the best graphic design company? InfoPixal helps you to create the best logo design services for your business. you have to create a logo design that’s a perfect match for your business.

We do not just create logos, we create identities for your businesses in the most appropriate ways to stand the business apart from the rest of the herd. The logo is the visual entity signifying an organization, logo design is an important area of graphic design and that will help you succeed in your business. We believe in perfection down to the last detail for our clients and our highest priority is designing a logo you can be proud of. All of the logos we design have one of our goals to builds a strong marketing foundation for your business.

Types Of Logo Design


Lettermark Logo

The logo is typography-based and only made up of a company or brand’s initials, and that consists of letters, usually brand initials.

Combination Mark Logo

Simply logotype and logomark combined into one logo and enhance the branding message and helps clarify what a business is all about.

Brandmark Logo

When you see a brandmark logo, it reminds you of the particular characteristics and flavor of the brand rather than just the name.

Benefits Of Logo Design


Brand Recognition

A good logo is one thing people notice first about a business and a brand.


Well-designed and conceived logos can be instrumental in building and maintaining a certain image of your brand.

Improved Value

Any brand can insert a sense of value through their products and services but it is the logo that will stay with the customers.

Help Your Marketing

A logo plays a huge part in promoting your company and the brands make themselves visible by displaying their logos in different ways.

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