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Citus Data is an extension to Postgres that distributes your data & queries across nodes, so your database can scale & your queries are fast. Citus is a distributed database that is optimized for real-time big data workloads.

Citus Data scales out PostgreSQL all the cluster of physical or virtual servers through replication. Its query engine parallelizes incoming SQL queries across these servers to enable human real-time responses on big datasets. which gives enterprises and developers the power and familiarity of a traditional relational database. As an extension, Citus supports Latest PostgreSQL releases, allowing users to advantage from new features while maintaining compatibility with existing PostgreSQL tools.

It is also intelligently recovering from mid-query failures by automatically failing over to other replicas, allowing users to preserve high availability.

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Citus Database Development Features

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High Availability

With this type of strategy in place, you reduce the negative impacts of downtime and implement automatic recovery from system failures.
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Multi-Node PostgreSQL

Data is replicated between nodes and updates and insertion can be possible on a group of primary nodes. In that case, there are multiple types of copies of the data.

Built-in Replication

continuous data protection has very granular level recovery points, so companies can choose which point in time to recover to, in case the most recent data is corrupted.

Real-time updates On Nodes

The real-time web is a network web using technologies and practices that enable users to achieve information as soon as it is published by its authors.

Multi-core Process on Queries

Efficient query processing in spatial databases is of huge importance for multi-core CPUs are common in today’s commodity hardware.

Tenant isolation

Look at some core principles for successful multitenancy, see how the Cloud provides tenant isolation, and review the ways that Cloud customers create isolation within their own account.
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Benefits of using Citus Data for
Database Development

  • Analyzing sessions with funnel, segmentation and cohort queries.
  • Citus is open source, hence no lock-in and available in the cloud.
  • The database serves many tenants, each of the data is separate from other tenants.
  • Data migration tools, PostgreSQL libraries and fine-grained access control for Rails and Django.
  • Advanced features include tenant isolation, shard rebalancing & cross-tenant query support.

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