Are you looking for a young creative branding team to build a brand identity? InfoPixal is a branding company that combines creativity and business strategy to make brands more meaningful to people.

Branding services help people develop an opinion and judge you through your brand’s name, logo, content and design. It makes people trust and buys the brand, thus leads to conversion and love to develop our brand that helps customers to admire, adapt, communicate and develop. It helps you build a long-lasting impression for the service or business and a strong brand is a guarantee of superior service delivery and quality. Graphic Design is our craft and we would love to use it to enable you to stand out in yours.

Branding Services


Logo Design

The logo is a visual entity signifying an organization, logo design is an important area of graphic design and all about creating the perfect visual brand mark for a company.


A catalogue describes your overall line of products or services you offer to your maximum customers and should be designed by top standards.

Card Design

Choose from our collection of graphic design services business cards that capture your creative eye. The principle applies not only to business cards but to everything we use and see.

Product Packaging

E-commerce known as electronic commerce is the process of buying and selling goods and services.


Flyer designs can arguably be classified as the most iconic graphic design medium of all time and InfoPixal offers high-quality flyer design services at low rates.

Material Designing

Backed by open-source code, Material streamlines collaboration between designers and developers and helps teams quickly to build beautiful products.

Benefits Of Branding


Enhanced Credibility

Having a strong and well-known brand enhances your credibility with customers your industry and the marketplace as a whole.

Attract Investors

The brand has enhances an identity in the market offering products and services meeting the demands of the client.


One thing large and successful businesses have in common is that they have logos and even if it is as simple as the company name in a set font and color scheme.

Gives Confidence

Good branding is for the public, but it is also for the business owner to appreciate what they have created and built.

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