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Apache Hadoop is an open-source framework for storing data and running applications on clusters of commodity hardware. It Developed under the Apache Software Foundation with support from leading our companies and supports the processing of large data sets in an individual computing environment.

It is designed to expand from only one server to thousands of machines and a distributed file system facilitates fast data transfer rates among nodes. the framework allows the system to manage uninterrupted in case of a node failure, which minimizes the risk of catastrophic system failure, even if a significant number of nodes become out of action. Hadoop Development Company is very valuable for large scale businesses basing on its proven advantages for enterprises.

The data management industry has developed from the web and creates a huge demand for cost-effective platforms of data storage like Hadoop.

Hadoop Development company

Hadoop Development Features

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You don’t want to preprocess data before storing it. You can store as many data as you want and determine how to use it later. That includes unstructured data like images, text and videos.
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Ability to store huge data

With huge amounts of data volumes and varieties constantly extensions, especially from the Internet of Things (IoT) and social media, that’s a key consideration.

Low cost

The open-source Apache Hadoop framework is free and uses commodity hardware to store very large quantities of data.

Computing power

Hadoop’s computing model processes big data very fast and The more computing nodes you use, the more processing power and competence you have.

Fault tolerance

In a database node goes down, jobs are automatically redirected to other nodes to the distributed computing does not fail.


You can easily enhance your system to handle more data simply by Little administration is needed.
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Benefits of using Hadoop for
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  • Data distributed over the cluster and mapped which assists in faster retrieval.
  • Hadoop clusters can be expanded by just adding nodes in the cluster.
  • It is really cost-effective as compared to the traditional relational database management systems.
  • Hadoop is open-source and uses commodity hardware to keep data.
  • It is really cost-effective as compared to the traditional relational database management systems.
  • It can replicate data over the network, so if only a single node is down or other network failure happens, then Hadoop takes the other copy of data and use it.

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